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Reiki and massage practice Almere

Have you been struggling with physical aches, emotional troubles or spiritual blockages? Then you may find the information listed here very useful – and reading this could be the first step to change your life and find true healing.

The universal power of Reiki could help you heal from within

Even though we are all experiencing life in a physical world, humans are actually complex multi-dimensional beings.

Asides from a physical body, you have an energetic body that is made up of multiple layers relating to different aspects of your being. This includes an emotional body, a mental body, and other increasingly complex energetic bodies wrapping around one another – working together to create your aura, or energy field.

Your own energetic field draws from the universal life source that sparks all living beings. Life force flows freely through your different bodies through a network channels that include the chakras, the meridians and nadis, giving rise to you living experience. You can think of these energetic channels in similar terms to your bodily organs, your arteries and veins – except they process ethereal energy.

Sometimes, trauma and excessive negative events in life can lead to chronic interferences and blockages in your aura (energy field). These blockages are best described as the underlying spiritual cause of all physical sickness, and they can be treated by specialized healers who can channel life force and restore your normal energy flow.

There are several reputable energy healing systems now available, and Reiki is simply the most influential and effective of all. A master healer who is proficient in this art is actually an intermediary between you and the divine spirit. Rather than healing you directly, energy healing masters draw powerful amounts of universal energy that clear away your energy blockages and restore your normal energy flow.

Once your energy flow is restored to its normal functions, your body will regain the ability to heal itself.

This treatment involves the healer putting their hands over your body and scanning your energy field looking for any problems while channeling the healing properties of the universal life force. While enjoying a session of energy healing, you will experience sensations of relaxation, warmth and bliss while enjoying this treatment.


What is intuitive massage and who can benefit from this?

If you’d like to enhance the benefits of energy healing with a more physically oriented treatment, you should consider requesting an intuitive massaging to get the -best possible results.

What is intuitive massage, you may wonder? This is simply a form of massage where the therapist draws from his intuition and energetic sensibility – the principle is actually similar to energy healing, but with a more practical approach.

Intuitive massaging bridges the gap between soft and deep massage, energy healing, and even a bit of acupressure. A professional in this art must be trained both as a conventional therapist as well as being proficient as an energetic healer - as to be able to work on your body and energies at once.

As you go through an intuitive massage, the therapist will scan your energy field as she works on your body and sense any blockages and other issues. By doing this, she will know which areas of your body need special attention; she will then use special techniques to release knots and promote deep tissue relaxation.

After getting this type of massage, you will experience an extraordinary sense of relaxation and an unexpected feeling of harmony of well-being. That is because intuitive massaging is a unique treatment adapted to your specific requirements and needs in the present moment. Rather than a one-size-fits-all, it’s a kind of massage that listens closely to your body and energies, and adapts accordingly.

Why use semi precious stone jewelry for healing?

Most patients achieve best results with a session of energy healing followed by intuitive massaging; many people claim to feel refreshed in body and soul after getting this treatment.

For those who want to carry these benefits to their everyday life, we now offer semi-precious stone jewelry created specifically for healing effects.

Sometimes, while treating a patient, the healer will get additional guidance from the angels towards healing the person. Often this guidance is conveyed as different symbols arising in the mind of the healer, as well as suggestions for the most appropriate crystals and semi-precious stones that would benefit that patient. By using this information, we can ensure the healing process in on-going.

We now have a special service where we draw from this angelic insight to create custom semi-precious stones, made specifically for every client.

These unique jewels are created with a strong healing intent and use the most appropriate stones to help clear away a specific energy blockage. In other words, the purpose of this jewelry is not only to adorn your body, but actually to help preserve its natural energy balance.

As you may know, certain semi precious stones and crystals have tremendous healing powers that will often add to the effectiveness of your treatment. By getting one of these pieces of healing jewelry, you will get a powerful healing amulet that will further enhances your natural healing as well as

Karuna Reiki®

Here you will find a brief description how I perceive Karuna Reiki®.

Karuna is a Sanskrit word which means Compassion.

Karuna Reiki® could be translated as “Compassionate Action.” – Any action that is taken to diminish the suffering of others.

Karuna Reiki® is usually practiced by a Reiki Master. The explanation is quite simple; we will be working with symbols that work on a deeper cellular level. With a certain amount of experience we know which symbol to use when and where. We may analyze if a client is ready for this in-depth; healing also. If we feel

This form of Reiki can work on addictions, codependences, fear, sleeplessness and many other diseases and illnesses. Please take note that this treatment is not a substitute for doctor treatments or medicine intake




‘La’ refers to the Light and Love of One

‘Ho’ to the movement of energy within our bodies and along the Universe

‘Chi’ is the life force energy that we work with


LaHoChi, is a energy frequency different from Reiki. The energies works on a different level of body mind energy field. The hand positions on the body are also just 5 making a session shorter.

The question arises what is the difference between a Reiki and LaHoChi session,



Spiritual gifts

As a child I was allways aware, that my hands generated heat. I also saw different light beams. Now I know that it's the angels that I saw. Gradually I have accepted this gift of mine and integrated this in my daily and professional life. I can see angels and other etheric beings and communicate with them.

Today we call ourselves light workers.

Lightworkers have as an objective to help humanity make a positive change in consciousness. Be more aware of life and also feel more comfortable in your body. For example this can be done by discovering what negative patterns always repeat in our lives and how to break through them. Clearing energy blockages in the body is an important part of the work of a lightworker.



As tools I use are Tibetan singing bowls, semi precious stones, including pink quartz, amethyst, lapis lazuli, hematite, obsidian and rock crystals. The semi precious stones arealso energised with cosmic energy. I am also trained in, Reiki, Art Therapy, Ayervedic and Javanese massage, Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapy, Chakra Healing, NLP basic knowledge and Doreen Virtue's Oracle cards.


Do not hesitate to call me or email me if you have any questions or to schedule an appointment , you always welcome!


Service Description Prices including taxes
Reiki Usui 1st consultation Session of 1.5 hour € 71,20

Reiki Karuna® 1st consultation

Session of 1.5 hour € 71,20

Reik Usui or Karuna® 2nd consultation

Session of 1 hour € 60,50
Reiki send remotely

 30 minutes Is only done if the receiver has given their consent

€ 24,20
Art therapy Through art working on  removing blockages inteh body € 48,50
Intuitieve massage Duration 1 hour € 48,50
Reading semi-preciouse cristals Reading done remotely to establish if a person could benefit from the healing properties of cristals € 15,00
Customised jewellery Prices depend on the cristals used and what kind of jewellery made  
LaHoChi session 45 minutes € 48.50

We do not give Erotic nor Sensual massages. Intuition and Spirituality has nothing to do with Tantra nor Kama Sutra

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