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Hello and GoodbyeNew moon energies

27 november 2019

Hello and goodbye!


Early morning whispers: “pick up your life”

You gave away you heart

You sold your soul!

There is no happiness here only fears……


Feelings of being not enough

Feelings of not being accepted by you

I accepted your fears as mine for so many years

Trying to make you happy but never being able to because it was not my battle to begin with!


Now after years of working on myself, I gave myself permission to make myself happy!

Tattooed, light-worker moved to another continent, single mom!


Tomorrow I officially close a book in my life and start writing a new one!


Thank you all for showing me my worth maybe by encouraging me or by telling me I would never amount to something. Both helped me like Yin and Yang, light and darkness. One cannot exist without the other!



Samen met jou ga ik op zoek naar manieren om jou weer goed in je vel te doen zitten
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