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How does a Reiki session work?

Thank you for your interest to understand how Reiki works.


Reiki is generally known as an energy healing technique.


Our body is formed from flesh and bones. Many cultures say the body is constituted from the 5 elements: Earth, water, air, ether and fire. We can all agree on the flesh and bones but 5 elements would be more difficult for many to except this.

In Reiki we place an energy field around the flesh and bones. We also place energy entry and exit points on certain parts of the body. Not perceivable for the naked eye but felt. For instance when a person is angry, one can say I feel your anger. But how did one perceive these emotions. Not on a t-shirt saying “hey I am angry” You felt the emotions signals coming towards you. You felt the energy coming towards you.


In Reiki we work on the energies surrounding the body.

Every session we start with a brief interview to establish the expectations of a client and certain medical conditions. For that reason the first session usually takes a bit longer.


Often a client arrives on the table of a Reiki practioner after the traditional Western medical world could not heal the person. People will by than have cracked open their regular belief system that there is more out there than Traditional Western medicine and start searching for alternatives. Reiki is a just one of the many possible solutions.

We are all different in characters, body types and preferences so I will never say Reiki is the only solution. Reiki could be a solution but please try out a several therapies and be open to learn, receive and appreciate your own uniqueness. I would recommend 3 different therapies before deciding what could work for you. My sole purpose is to guide you towards your own healing capacity.


A session

I always start with an invocation or prayer to ask that the person on the table may receive the healing he or she is searching for. If that may not happen that I may receive the insights to help the person.

I start activating the energies and I than begin with the head, the chest, arms and legs in the front and after in the back. During this period I will receive insights and messages for the reasons why a person is feeling a certain way or why a health problem occurred. At the same time I will intuitively know how to balance out certain energies around the body.


After the session I will explain what I felt in the client’s body and the insights. In many cases the Angels come to give me guidance into the whys. No session is the same and that is why I ask the clients to step into a session without expectations. 


Usually for a healing to occur I would suggest 3 sessions:

  • Reiki intake 1.5 hours
  • Art therapy 1-2 hours
  • Reiki 1 hour

In the Art therapy session I guide the person to a specific emotion or experience that has created the pain or dis-ease. Throughout the session the person will feel the experience but will never tell me this. At a certain point I will ask to draw on a piece of paper these emotions.


People get scared when I say art therapy because they usually think they should be good painters. That is not the case, the messier, the more unconventional the drawings the more it speaks to me and the healing that is occurring. After that we go back to the specific event and sense if the energies have the same intensity as in the beginning. We will continue just until they have decreased to acceptable levels.


A Reiki-practioner will never want a life-time client. We want to guide you to learn to heal yourself.


If you have any questions feel free to drop me a line and I will try to answer this.

My email is info@sangaia.nl


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